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About Lundbeckfonden

Lundbeckfonden is an active industrial foundation established in 1954. Its main objective is to maintain and expand the activities of the Lundbeck Group, and to provide funding for scientific research of the highest quality.


Lundbeckfonden holds a substantial interest in the share capital of H. Lundbeck A/S, ALK-Abelló A/S and Falck A/S.

 In addition, a substantial portfolio of investments is managed by Lundbeckfond Invest and the entity Lundbeckfonden Ventures has been established to investment in life science companies. Furthermore, Lundbeckfonden Emerge has been established to accelerate commercial development of Danish scientific results by investment. 

Lundbeckfonden annually grants DKK 400 - 500 million to support medical research of the highest quality and supports educational and communication activities related to science.

Lundbeckfonden has stepped up its focus on personal grants by among others increasing the number of Lundbeckfonden Fellows for particulary promising young researchers - Danish or foreign - who wish to establish or develop their own research groups at a Danish university or university hospital.