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About us

Lundbeckfonden Emerge is a strategic initiative of the Lundbeckfonden established in the spring of 2012.


What we do

Lundbeckfonden Emerge creates value from innovative projects in collaboration with founders by way of detailed analysis prior to engagement, direct financing and active project participation.



Lundbeckfonden Emerge seeks to identify and initiate commercial development of scientific opportunities which it considers from its analysis have high commercial potential. The main objective is to turn scientific discoveries and early stage opportunities into commercial ventures with a maturity that allows for full venture financing.



Lundbeckfonden Emerge not only offers limited financing for selected cases but also offers seasoned advice or direct participation in new ventures, as part of its unique model to optimize the outcome of the venture to the benefit of all stakeholders. Lundbeckfonden Emerge will seek to develop select projects together with founders and will take on an active role from mentoring to active project management, as is considered optimal for the outcome of the specific project. In this way, Lundbeckfonden Emerge is not a replication of traditional seed funds, but rather a unique way of using research funds to get to commercially viable projects.



Provided an innovative biomedical or natural sciences idea is considered to be based on solid science with relevant intellectual property potential, the field of investment can be wide as can the source of the project.