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Grants - Strategy And Governance

Lundbeckfonden’s vision to create a better life through new knowledge is supported by the Foundation’s award strategy.

Lundbeckfonden grants DKK 400-500 million every year to research projects, primarily in the field of biomedical sciences. We process applications we receive in reply to advertisements. There are further details under Applications and deadlines

We wish our grants to make a significant contribution towards increasing the quality and the usability of the cumulative, research-based knowledge and experience gained in the field of biomedical sciences in Denmark. Brain health is one of the Foundation’s key focus areas.

At the same time, our grants must help ensure that Denmark always has the best graduates and scientists at all career levels. The quality of the project and the qualifications of the applicant are the sole applicable competitive parameters when allocating career-enhancing, personal grants such as Lundbeckfonden Fellowship.

We also wish to support projects which improve the quality of tuition in science, technology and health at all school levels as well as projects which focus on communicating to a broad audience new research results and their significance for the entire population of Denmark.

How do we define ‘biomedical science’?

The Foundation wishes to support Danish-based research projects focusing on biomedical science research, be it basic or applied, as well as clinical and epidemiological research.

The term ‘biomedical science’ is used here in its broadest sense, since there are many adjacent fields of research which, traditionally, belong to other classical faculties (particularly natural science and technical science) but, to an increasing extent, help steer the field of biomedicine towards new breakthroughs in knowledge and treatment. Consequently, research in technical and natural sciences with subject matter that addresses biomedical issues is treated as biomedical science research.

Lundbeckfonden’s general criterion for allocating research funds is that the scientific content of the application, the applicant’s qualifications and the scientific environment at the host institution are of high quality. The Foundation works systematically to evaluate both applications and the results of the research projects that have received grants. Applications are processed by peer-review panels with a majority of external experts.