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The Lundbeck Foundation is an industrial foundation that is striving to significantly improve people's health and lives by:

  • Supporting research at the highest level within biomedicine with a connection to Denmark. We wish our grants to make a significant contribution towards increasing the quality and the usability of the cumulative, research-based knowledge and experience gained in the field of biomedical sciences in Denmark. Brain health is one of the Foundation’s key focus areas.  
  • Creating shareholder value in the Lundbeck Group and other internationally renowned companies and helping them become world leaders in their respective fields.
This is achieved through the following strategies: 
Grant activities:
Lundbeckfonden’s vision to create a better life through new knowledge is supported by the Foundation’s award strategy. At the same time, our grants must help ensure that Denmark always has the best graduates and scientists at all career levels. Brain health is one of the Foundation’s key focus areas.

The Foundation wishes to support Danish-based research projects focusing on biomedical science research, be it basic or applied, as well as clinical and epidemiological research.

The term ‘biomedical science’ is used here in its broadest sense, since there are many adjacent fields of research which, traditionally, belong to other classical faculties (particularly natural science and technical science) but, to an increasing extent, help steer the field of biomedicine towards new breakthroughs in knowledge and treatment. Consequently, research in technical and natural sciences with subject matter that addresses biomedical issues is treated as biomedical science research.

Lundbeckfonden promotes internationalization by supporting cooperation and exchange of knowledge and people in between Danish and scientifically leading international research groups. The Foundation motivates, inspires and recognizes research talent through among other initiatives by granting honorary prizes and fellowships. Lundbeckfonden divides grants for research into:

  • Career promoting grants for independent biomedical research, awarded through open competition. 
  • Thematic Calls with a special focus on groundbreaking research within scientific areas and themes  identified by the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and implemented via specific calls. 

Corporate activities:

The Lundbeck Foundation is financially well consolidated, independent, and achieves stable annual returns to support the Group’s continuing business development and finance the Lundbeck Foundation’s grant activities.

Exercises active ownership of the companies in the Group with focus on long-term growth and competitive returns. The Foundation conducts its ownership through representation on the companies’ boards of directors, supported by internal analyses of the business strategies, development and competitiveness.  

The commercial activities are divided into: 

  • Direct ownership: as a significant and long-term shareholder in mature, innovative and knowledge-based companies within the healthcare sector, including H. Lundbeck A/S. 
  • Lundbeckfond Ventures: as an active investor in the establishment and development of high-tech business within life science-based venture capital companies. 
  • Lundbeckfond Invest: portfolio investments with stable annual returns. Provide the capital base for grant activities and at the same time ensure there are reserves to finance continuing development of the directly owned companies.