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Receiving a grant

All applicants are informed in writing about the result of their application. This information will not be given by telephone or e-mail. 

The grant may fully meet the amount applied for, or only a portion of it. In some cases, a partial grant may be conditional upon the applicant securing financing of the remaining amount from other sources. The grant may be paid out in a single installment, or in several installments over a period of up to five years. 

Granted equipment belongs to the recipient’s institution, however, the recipient holds the first right of refusal.

The grant will be published on the Foundation's website.

Lundbeckfonden expects to be acknowledged in all publications stemming from research funded by the Foundation.

Reporting and payment
The Foundation expects to receive a status report describing the progress/the scientific results every year. Furthermore the Foundation expects a final report describing the scientific results and a financial statement with the same degree of detail as the application no later than three months upon completion of the project.

The Foundation will contact the recipient approximately five years after the grant's expiration to collect follow-up data about publications, or any subsequent results of the project.

To release the grant, the Foundation requires confirmation that any conditions regarding the grant are met. At the same time, we request information about the  host institution's bank account number (in Denmark NEM account) and research account number, as well as the name, address. For transfer to an institution outside of Denmark we also require SWIFT/BIC and IBAN number of the bank to deposit the grant.

The Foundation does not transfer grants to private accounts.