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Lundbeckfonden and research impact assessment
Lundbeckfonden strives to fulfil its vision of creating better lives through new knowledge. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to be able to demonstrate the value and impact of research supported through the foundation, and to ensure that our grants are distributed in a way, which ensures the optimal benefit for research as well as society in general.

Researchfish as a new reporting tool
n an effort to strengthen its research impact assessment activities, Lundbeckfonden will implement “Researchfish” in the course of 2016 as a tool for reporting research output and outcomes.

Researchfish is an online system, successfully used in the UK by more than 90 funders (such as Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK) – and Novo Nordisk Foundation in Denmark - to gather information from researchers about the outcomes of their scientific work. Currently more than 100.000 researchers in 70 countries are reporting to their funders through the system.  Researchfish enables research funders and research organizations to follow the outcomes and output of their grants, and it allows researchers to register the outputs and outcome of their work. It is viewed as being very user friendly.

Help, training and guidance
If you have issues with the Researchfish system (e.g. log in or technical issues), please contact support@researchfish.co.uk. View the bite-size help videos. They are the fastest way to learn more about specific aspects of the system. Help and guidance is provided throughout the system (see the blue “?” symbol throughout). There is also an online Help Centre available from within the system, with FAQs, context sensitive enquiry functionality and Live Chat available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday–Friday, English time). Researchfish Ltd hosts regular webinars for both Principal investigators and Research Organizations, where they can learn how to use the system, or in more detail look at particular areas of functionality. New users are encouraged to sign up for these free short sessions.

If you have questions related to your grant please contact Lundbeck Foundation

Science Manager Ulla Jakobsen uj@lundbeckfonden.com
Head of Grant Operations Lars Grindsted lg@lundbeckfonden.com