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the Team

Christian E. Elling joined Lundbeckfonden in 2012 and leads the early stage biotech investment unit Lundbeckfonden Emerge. He is a member of the board of directors of IO Biotech, NMD Pharma, CEO of Insusense Therapeutics and former member of the board of directors of EpiTherapeutics and Inagen. Christian was previously a co-founder, Vice President of Biology and Development and later CEO of 7TM Pharma. Christian received his early training in biochemistry and received his Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Christian has published more than twenty papers and reviews. 


Paul Little joined Lundbeckfonden in 2016 as an Associate in the early stage biotech investment unit Lundbeckfonden Emerge. Paul's focus is on scientific evaluation and commercial assessment of early investment opportunities. He is currently COO of NMD Pharma and SVP in Insusense Therapeutics. Prior to joining Emerge Paul worked in operational and management roles in 7TM Pharma, Orphazyme and Insusense Therapeutics. Paul has a chemistry background with a Ph.D. from University of Cardiff and a 3 year postdoctoral research position working towards the total synthesis of the formidable natural product phorboxazole A at Nottingham University. In biotech Paul has broad experience of taking small molecule, peptide and protein projects from discovery to clinical development and has more than 20 papers and patents.